This is the home of hand-picked secluded camping sites, cabins and huts as well as specially selected little restaurants, tea gardens and farm stalls in small places. After all, a traveller needs refreshments.

Gone Camping is aimed unashamedly on a small group of travellers who cares about the following:

  1. Absolute secluded venues far away from the rural buzz, which normally requires some effort to get there.
  2. Unspoilt nature with entertainment like rock pools, sticks and stones, hiking trails, birds, animals, insects and stars.
  3. Lack of facilities is a plus. No cell phone signals, no satellite TV, no electricity, no shops. If you are there, no-one can reach you.
  4. The journey is as part of the holiday, as the destination.
  5. The road less travelled. People who see tar as a necessary evil to reach the next peace of gravel.

To achieve this, Gone Camping is divided in two sections:

  1. A commercial classifieds section with hand picked advertisers in the public domain. The advertisers usually have their own registered websites, but can provide secluded venues.
  2. A paid members section, where members can share destinations with contact details of places which are not commercially advertised. It is about who you know and keeping this information close to your heart.

Gone Camping is also committed to support affordable solutions. In order to get to really secluded places, one needs a suitable vehicle and equipment - often a 4x4 vehicle with low range. At about R 350 000 for a new, but basic 4x4 double cab with no camping equipment, the price of a new vehicle and tons of gadgets simply makes it impossible for many who want to experience this kind of holidays. Gone Camping provides substantial information on how to deal with this.