The membership part of this website is an attempt to make information about non-commercial secluded venues available, without compromising the exclusivity of the venues. For this reason a paid membership model was chosen, where owners and members contribute and maintain information on secluded non-commercial camp sites.

It works as follows

  1. Interested people can apply for membership and it will be reviewed for activation by the webmaster.
  2. If a person is approved for membership, details will be send for membership fees and the account will be activated after membership fees is paid.
  3. We only accept EFT payments for now.
  4. Membership fees will be determined by how many camping sites are listed, with a a minimum fee of R50.00 per year. After 25 sites are listed, the fee will increase by R2.00, per approved camping site listed per year, to a maximum of R200 per year.
  5. Fees may be increased to limit membership numbers and ensure exclusivity.
  6. Fees are payable when membership is approved and will be valid until 30 June of the next year. The membership cycle will therefore be form 1 July to 30 June.
  7. Members can contribute camping sites and then acts as "custodian" for the sites they submitted.  For each site that the member submits, a small rebate applies, on condition that the information concerning the site is maintained.
  8. All first listings will be verified by the webmaster, with assistance of the members if needed, to ensure that it adheres to the criteria for submission.  
  9. A camp site entry will expire after 180 days, if the information concerning the site has not been updated and/or the site's existence has not been confirmed.


Rules for custody of sites and rebates

  1. If a member submits a site, he/she must act as custodian for the listing.
  2. A member may be a site owner, but there will be no difference in privileges for members or owners.
  3. A custodian must keep the information up to date for one year on a 6 monthly basis (180 days), to qualify for the rebate.  This means the information needs to be updated and/or verified at least twice a year.
  4. An e-mail will be sent to the custodian 14 days before the expiry date. The custodian has to to verify and confirm that the site is still operational and update any details if needed.
  5. The rebate will be R20.00 per year for each site that a member submits and maintains. This means that very active members can have their membership for free.
  6. If the custodian let the listing expire, or if information concerning the site proves to be wrong, the rebate for that listing will be forfeited.
  7. If a custodian let a listing expire, any other member can take up the listing and act as custodian. The new custodian will then receive the rebate if he maintains the listing.

Which sites qualify:

  1. Only secluded camping sites, chalets, huts or shelters from owners who do not commercially advertise their venues, can be listed under the members section.
  2. We therefore want exclusive listings under the member section.
  3. The site can only be listed after the owner agreed per email to have it listed under the members section and therefore will not be surprised if members call him to arrange for camping.
  4. Being non-commercial, does not mean that the the owner cannot ask market related prices for his facility. He is more than welcome to.
  5. Commercial venues that can offer the type of facilities promoted by Gone Camping, can list the venues under the commercial category and this category is available to the general public. Advertising rates apply.
  6. Some National and Provincial Parks do have similar facilities. Members can list these venues, but it is visible to the general public and no advertising rates apply.

Members agrees to the following when using facilities

  1. Follow any instruction from the owner to the letter.
  2. Camp at your own risk. No USA-mentality of suing the owner for your own actions - like slipping from the edge of an iced up cliff, feeding the Buffalo, stepping on a snake or being caught by a croc in the river.
  3. No Littering. What you take in, you take out.
  4. No Graffiti on any plants, rocks or man made structures.
  5. No noise pollution of any kind. Please ensure any vehicle you use, have a proper silencer - in particular quad bikes and off road bikes.
  6. No gathering of fire wood. Bring your own.
  7. Stay in the roads and tracks. Don't ever make you own.
  8. Tread Lightly. Deflate your tyres and be soft on the throttle.
  9. Don't feed wild animals.
  10. Be extremely cautious where you make fire and make sure it is put out when you are finished.
  11. Don't cover hot ashes with soil. It can stay hot for days. People and animals may step in it or it can start a fire.
  12. Report any of the above violations to the owner immediately. People who cannot behave and appreciate the privilege of unspoiled nature, can camp else where.

We hope that this service will prove to be simple and effective and that information concerning less known camping spots will be made available to the limited number of members this site has in mind.