Something that we were often confronted with when travelling to small places, are Littering and Graffiti and I wish I could understand the mentality of people who obviously made a big effort to get to isolated places and yet they feel comfortable to drop the trash in their cars or backpacks along the roads or hiking trail when ever they are finished with it.

The strange thing is, it knows no boundaries at all. It happens regardless of intelligence, education level, social- or financial status of the offender.

I was recently told by someone who did the famous Otter Hiking Trail, how many beer bottles were simply thrown into the Fynbos along the way. Initially he tried to pick up some of it, but soon realised that he was quickly going to have so much weight that he will not be able to complete the trail.

The same goes for Graffiti. People carve or scratch their names on rocks, trees and bridge columns in places where not many will ever come. Why?

Another example is the trail along the West Coast. It is a popular destination for weekend Overlanders and victim to some staggering abuse. The Land Cruiser Club of South Africa initiated a community service where they go each year with a few Cruisers and big trailers just to pick up rubbish. EVERY year they fill up the trailers to the brim.

Why is it even necessary to educate people with slogans like "Take only pictures, leave only footprints."?

I wish I could understand that.

If you are one of them, please just stop it. There is simply no justification to waste breath, time and bandwidth on something as basic as this and you know it.