By listing points of Interest here, the idea is not to have list of a million points grouped around a few popular places to say that we have the most. It is exactly the opposite. I usually find it frustrating to have to navigate site after site with every single in-your-face caravan park and holiday resort listed. So my question always is: "What about all that space in between?"

It is about finding those few places in the millions of hectares in between where most people have no interest in going to. It is about going to places where you have to work to find its beauty and attraction. It is not things listed in every single place with thousands of tourism pamphlets. This points are only meant to be an appetizer to allow you the thrill of actually exploring and discovering things yourself. It is not about giving you a list of prominent Photo spots that you can chase, pop out, take the pic and paste it on your facebook page to say that you were there. It is about getting there in your own time, getting out feeling, smelling and tasting the things that you don't know.

Once you start looking for that, you will see that it is surprisingly hard to find such forgotten places given that the density of tarred roads are so high and ever increasing. Take for example Baviaanskloof which is still wilderness, but for how long? Now that it is the place for everyone to be it seems inevitable that commercialization will make its mark.

There are still one or two places where you can go, pitch your anywhere near the river and sleep. No bookings. Those places are not for the budget camper though. You will drive hundreds of kilos to get there.

And that is why we have a members section - for the few owners and campers who know a few secret places, who want to know a few more, but who want to keep it intimate so that those places can stay out of the spot light for a while longer.