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I am not a water nimf and as I get older, I have much less need for swimming as an activity of joy. However, the life under the water fascinates me and a visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town is standard on the list when ever we get there.

I can completely understand why many gets addicted to diving and perhaps one day I will take the plunge and try it.

Our shores areĀ so rich in ecological diversity and shipwrecks, that divers can practically gets in anywhere near a safe rocky place and find a fabulous world. The limit is simply the experience and skills of the diver.

The map below have some shipwrecks and then diving spots mainly in the CapeĀ Peninsula area. It is far too close to a metropolitan city for the purpose of this site, but it emphasizes the point that one can it and scuba where ever you find yourself at the coast.

View full size map.