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The seas around Southern tip of Africa is known to be treacherous and some informed researchers reckon that over 3000 ships found there grave here. Since this was the first ever trading route linking the East and the West and since in the old days ships kept closer to the shores, there is a particularly rich selection of older shipwrecks.

Today, things looks a lot different. With modern technology and driven by forces of global economy, ships getting wrecked along South African shores are a rare event and the dangerous areas are the South China Sea, East Indies, east Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the British Isles.The map below is compiled from many different sources and we tried to list shipwrecks that should still be visible from the shore, as well as a few popular diving spots. Due to the fact that many of these wrecks are in remote places, the actual position is sometimes estimates and that makes it fun, because you need to explore a bit. For members, a nice selection of .GPX files are compiled that can be loaded on a GPS device and read by map software to help plan the trips!

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