Station Wagons

In South Africa, there are quite a few a few station wagons to choose from when working on a low budget.

A Station Wagon, offers nice interior space for daily use and in most cases (accept for Defenders) rear seat comfort is much better than in double cab vehicles. From a pure holiday perspective only, this could be the preferred choice if comfort is high on your list. However, packing space for long holidays is often limited and many families may need a trailer with this type of vehicle.

Station wagons are usually aimed at the higher end of the market and one needs to understand that all of them were fully imported and not locally produced (accept for the Nissan Sani).

Most of them have low resale values and while that is a plus when buying, it is safer to accept that maintenance costs over a few years, will be higher than for locally manufactured double cabs.

Double Cabs

Almost every major manufacturer offered Double Cab Bakkies in both Petrol and diesel. Double Cab vehicles are indeed a very practical choice for a family that needs a daily runner and enough packing space for a holiday. In terms of versatility, a Double Cab vehicle does offer the advantage of a tough load bin and one can transport things on the back that is not possible with a station wagon.

In terms of off road ability, Double Cab Bakkies are just about all on par. With the exception of the first double cab Hiluxes, all of them had a live rear axle and independent front suspension setup. Many had a rear differential locker.

Due to the long wheelbase and the suspension setup, one cannot expect a Double Cab to keep up with a Land Rover Defender when the going gets real tough, but then again there will be no need to enter those tracks in order to get to point B. It is always a sideline adventure.

Practical, capable enough and popular, is it a good choice for this purpose and highly recommended considering the everyday versatility it offers.The biggest disadvantage of most double cabs, is poor rear seat comfort.