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In the years at stake, Ford and Mazda vehicles were mechanically essentially the same. There were minor cosmetic differences between the two badges. They are well priced second hand and it is not difficult to find the last models for about R 60 000.

These vehicles came with a number of engine sizes with the trusted old 3.0 litre Ford V6 petrol and the very reliable and powerful 2.5 Tdi diesel to take special note of.

In my opinion, the 2.5 Tdi knocked the socks of the old Ford V6 in terms of power and fuel consumption, but a Ford V6 is dirt cheap to overhaul, as simple as it gets to work on and it does have adequate power for the application.

The 2.5 Tdi is still an easy motor to find at dealers in imported Japanese motors.

From all the vehicles compared on this website, the choice between the Ford V6 petrol a the 2.5 Tdi diesel motor is the most difficult to make since either will effortlessly win the fight when challenged on their strong points. What will probably swing you, is a blend of personal preference and the price that you may find it on the used car market.

Being locally manufactured and popular, spares are affordable and fairly easily available. These vehicles had very few problems and if you find one in good condition, it will give you years of pleasure if well maintained.

Being double cab, there is enough packing space in the back and you should be able to do without a trailer.

Like most double cabs, rear seat comfort is not great, but comfortable enough if daily distances are kept sensible.