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Isuzu Double Cabs have always been a popular choice of vehicle. The 280DT is a true icon in the local context, since it was the first Turbo Diesel bakkie commercially available and it simply made serious impression with good power delivery, unheard of economy for the time and eventually great reliability. In terms of turbo diesel engines, it is also one of the most affordable to repair. This engines are easy to find from dealers in imported Japanese motors and even buying brand new sub assemblies from Delta, comes at a very reasonable price.

The first 4x4 Double Cab versions appeared in 1994 and was replaced by a newer model in 1998 which had a silky smooth and powerful 3.2 litre V6 petrol in the range. This range also included the Frontier, which is a shorter station wagon version and a good choice if you need a daily city runabout.

The petrol models in the range was nothing less than great, but totally over shadowed by the diesel versions.

Although Isuzu 4x4 vehicles always had less ground clearance than the competition and does suffer a bit in really rough terrain, it is never the less a 4x4 that will take the family to almost any destination they can think of and they are vastly more capable than any soft roader. They were always known for a comfortable ride on gravel roads and from the double cabs, they do have the reputation for best rear seat comfort.

In terms of reliability, comfort, economy and very respectable repairs costs for the diesel motors, a diesel Isuzu in good condition is highly recommended.