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Of the locally produced vehicles, the Nissan Hardbody was the only vehicle to have both a Double Cab and a Station Wagon, in the form of the Nissan Sani. The Sani was a locally produced conversion supported by the Nissan Factory.

They were reliable and the Sani in particular was well loved by their owners as a holiday vehicle that offered a lot of packing space.

The first diesel versions in particular the turbo ones were never very popular due to reliability problems, while the 3.0 V6 Petrol achieved cult status for its lovely sound, reliability, good power and low cost of maintenance. However, like all petrols, it is thirsty.

The 2.4 Petrol was simpler than the V6 due to no electronics, but with far less power at the same thirst, the V6 is a better choice.

Few vehicles can offer the huge load bay of a Nissan Sani Station Wagon. With low resale values and if you can find one in good condition, it will serve you well.

The original Hardbody / Sani was manufactured form 1988 to 1999 and the next series Hardbody until 2002.