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Land Cruiser owners are proud of their vehicles and the older models inevitably attracts the more passionate ones. Finding a good used Land Cruiser at a good price, is almost impossible these days and unlike a Land Rover, the name and reputation in this case adds considerably to the high retails values. The only Cruisers that could fall into smaller budgets, are the 60 and 80 series. The 60-series is by now very old and need a particularly passionate owner.

Since neither these vehicles were sold in large numbers due to the upper classed new pricing, spares are significantly harder to find than for Hiluxes and its peers and spares are not cheap.

When I was personally looking for an 80 series Cruiser diesel in the lower price ranges, 4 out of the 5 that I went to look at, had tired motors long before 300 000 km. They are not immune to bad maintenance so don't bargain on the camp fire stories that these motors easily makes 500 000 km between overhauls. Like with any vehicle of age, they also have things that fails and that makes them overheat. Front differential failures are a particular Achilles heel on the 80series.

With solid axles front and rear and coil springs on the 8- series, excellent off ability is a given. The 80 series have awesome off road ability, great on road comfort and plenty of packing space. The 60 series had leave springs and a little harder ride. That said, leave springs in station wagons are usually softer not as uncomfortable as many make it to be.

It came in 4.5 petrol and 4.2 diesel variants. Tough, reliable, under stressed motors. Thirst wise, the diesels are heavy for a diesel and the petrols are plain staggering.

Finding a good 80 series Land Cruiser for R 100 000 or below, is almost impossible as good samples sells for more than retail. If you do manage to find one, and have a passion for an 80 series Cruiser, put it on your list. However do know that with high fuel cost and expensive repairs once they need major work, they are more suited for people with less restrictive cash flow. A bargain buy should be carefully scrutinised.

As with a Land Rover, you need passion for this vehicle and a thicker wallet.